Pittsburgh/Tampa Bay

Lost Spirits Division

Founded in 2017, the Ghostbusters: Lost Spirits Division was formed by a few friends with a love of Ghostbusters, the paranormal, and pop-culture. As small of a group as they are, they help out in a big way, donating their time and resources as a sort of "Ghostbusters liaison", adding head count, support, and ghostbuster's class gear to local groups and events in the community.

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Meet the Team

The team has been growing and we've now split into two satellite offices, North & South. Our original South office still remains covering the sunny Tampa Bay area, while the Northern Hub is based out of the chilly Pittsburgh metro area.

Our Logo + Patch

If you’re going to have a Ghostbusters franchise, you’re going to need a logo and patch that not only sets you apart but also lets other groups know a little about you. Kinda like a franchise “coat of arms” if you will.

What does ours mean? Well, we took the standard Mooglie (that’s his name) Ghostbuster logo and tweaked it! Our Mooglie is armed with his bindle and is stopped at a crossroads always on the lookout for where to go next and any “Lost Spirits” who need assistance whther up North in Pittsburgh, down South in Tampa Bay, or anywhere the road may take us in between.

Our Ecto

Every franchise has an “Ecto”. They’re all different and this one is ours! Check out Our new #EctoSoul and get a look back at our previous Ecto-1XD.

Event Photos

We've done a lot of traveling over the last half decade. Check out some of our old haunts!